Black Eye

Message to the American People



If we decide, as a people, that God’s existence is evident to reason, then there is nothing to prevent us from professing this truth in our public life or from teaching it to our children in our public schools. If our Founders were free to profess this truth at the beginning of our country, then we are free to do the same today. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that forbids the public profession of religious truths that are agreeable to the reasoned judgment of the majority.

God’s existence is evident to reason. We can know that He exists through reflection on nature. The proofs may be long or short, complex or simple, but so long as we agree, as a people, that the conclusion “God exists” is derived from reflection on nature, no court of law may forbid its public profession. Every religious and moral truth that is evident to reason belongs within our nation’s public life. Every religious and moral truth that is evident to reason belongs to the people by right of nature.

Our nation was founded on the truths of natural religion. The fact that the judiciary denies that there are any religious truths evident to reason is irrelevant to the Constitution. The rejection of these truths by the courts is a danger to the liberties of the people. Their ignorance cannot be permitted to harm our rights.

The separation of church and state eliminates all supernatural dogma and ritual from public life. The separation of church and state does not eliminate the truths of rational religion from public life. Why would the First Amendment to the Constitution separate the founding truths of the United States from the American people? By suppressing these truths, the judiciary presents itself as a hostile and dangerous power. By forbidding instruction in these truths in our public schools, the courts undermine the right of self-government. We are a nation of free citizens, not a nation subject to the arbitrary rule of judges.

Our rights come from God, not from the courts. Our rights are given in nature, not by the rulings of the judicial branch. The people decide their rights through the exercise of reason. Rights are not the gift of any government. We need the freedom to instruct future generations in these truths. The exclusion of natural religion from our public schools is one of the worst assaults on our liberties in our nation’s history. We have been reduced to ignorance of the religious philosophy that underlies our political system. This has been done for arbitrary and unsupportable reasons that have nothing to do with the history of our country.

We need to renew the rational religion of our founding, teach it in our public schools, and once again make it the basis of our public laws. That begins with the right of the people to affirm, teach, and defend that God is the author of their rights. This must be permitted in every public setting. From this singular truth follows every other religious principle that is essential to the exercise of government among a free people. Our Founders affirmed this truth on the basis of reason. We must be free to do the same.

Among our Founders were many Christians, but they did not share a common faith. They belonged to different denominations and so were necessitated by the division to join with Thomas Jefferson and the American Deists under religious truths agreeable to reason. This is the philosophical understanding — known independently of any supernatural faith — that has always been associated with the republic. The great defenders of that tradition may be explored at this website. This is the philosophy that must be returned to our public life if we are to reform our corrupt political system, renew our schools, and restore our republic to its original vigor.

A new political movement must be born among the people, one that defends the founding idea that the republic rests on a body of religious truth that is evident to reason. The truths of natural religion are the source of our unity as a people. Without them, we will fall into further division. Our nation does not rest on the principles of atheism or agnosticism. Our nation rests on the principles of theism.

The diverse religious faiths of our country will find unity with each other only under that body of religious truth that can be known through reasoned reflection on nature. We need to throw off the judicial imperialism that has distorted our government and undermined our right to live under laws of our own making. We need to reclaim our original and native freedom to profess whatever religious truths are agreeable to the reasoned judgment of the majority.