The Holy Bond of Our Union

The Founders’ Idea of Religious Liberty

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The Founder’s idea of religious liberty has been replaced with a pale reflection of its brilliant original. Religious liberty, as defended by the great political thinkers of the founding era, is the right of the people to profess, teach, and defend whatever religious truths are agreeable to the reasoned judgment of the majority. This is the crystallization of an ancient and evolving political understanding that was received by us from previous defenders of the republic, but that was brought to perfection only at the time of the American Founding. The right of religious liberty is the founding principle of the modern republic.

The original understanding of this freedom has been forgotten by the American people because it has been falsely declared unconstitutional by our courts. Jefferson’s defense of this right today would subject him to the charge that he was in violation of the separation of Church and State. This book is an exploration of the absurdity of this view, a warning about our current neglect of natural religion, an appraisal of religious liberty in relation to Christianity, and a careful historical analysis of the development of this freedom in the works of philosophers from ancient to modern times.

Holy Bond