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Tyranny and Glory

Tyranny of the Judiciary Glory of the Republic

The Suppresion of the
Founding Truths

The republic rests on religious truths evident to reason; for example, that God is the Author of our Rights. This is not an object of faith, but a self-evident truth. We know this through reflection on nature. The suppression of these truth cannot be justified under the First Amendment.


Jesus Cover

The Holy Bond
of Our Union

The Founders’ Idea
Religious Liberty

The greatest figures among the American Founders understood religious liberty as the right of the people to publicly profess, and to teach to their children in their schools, whatever truths are agreeable to the judgment of the majority. Our republic rests on this idea of religious liberty.


The Holy Bond

Thomas Jefferson's
The Philosophy of Jesus

For Use in Public Schools
(King James and Confraternity)

Thomas Jefferson was a Deist, but he wanted every citizen be educated in the moral teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. When all doctrines that transcend reason are swept away, what remains for public use is a treatise on moral philosophy that is ideally suited to the citizens of the republic.








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