Tyranny of the Judiciary
Glory of the Republic

The Suppression of
Our Nation’s Founding Truths

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We ought to be free to profess in public life and teach in public school the founding truths of our own country; for example, that God is the author of our rights. The Supreme Court, in a series of decisions hostile to the religious liberty of the American people, has ruled that the First Amendment to our Constitution bans the public profession of the truths that we announced to the world in the Declaration of Independence. This is false.

Certain religious truths are evident to the ordinary powers of the human mind. They do not require an act of faith. They are known independently of revealed religion. They are not subject to the principle of Church-State separation. When united to public law, they form no part of any establishment of religion. These truths are the founding principles of our country. The courts have used their power interpret the Constitution to force us into ignorance of these truths. The truths of our founding represent the glory of our republic; their suppression represents the tyranny of the judiciary.

Tyranny and Glory