Black Eye

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The Meaning of the Word “Deism”

What Is American Deism?
Was the United States Founded on Deism?
Do Deists Affirm a “Watchmaker God”?
Who Corrupted the Term “Deism”?
What Was Our Founders’ View of God?
What Is the Core Thesis of Deism?
How Do Reason and Revelation Differ?
Which Religious Truths Are Rational?
Is Deism Hostile toward Christianity?
What Is Rational Christianity?

B. The Unity of All Religious Believers

Is a Single World Religion Possible?
How Can Diverse Believers Find Unity?
Which Religious Truths Are Rational?
How Does Reason Know that God Exists?
How Does Reason Know Moral Truth?
Are These Truths Necessary to Government?
Are the People Free to Profess These Truths?
Which Religious Truths Belong in Public Life?
Who Decides which Religious Truths Are Public?
Are You Advocating for aTheocracy?

C. Religious Truth in Public Life

Does the Constitution Ban Religious Truth?
Why Does the Judiciary Ban Rational Religion?
Has Rational Religion Been Disproved?
What Is the Meaning of “Religious Liberty”?
Do the American People Have Religious Liberty?
Is the Declaration of Independence Christian?
How Do the Rational and the Revealed Differ?
Are Some Truths both Rational and Revealed?
Why Separate Church and State?
How Is Separation Misunderstood Today?